Friday, 12 August 2011

Still alive!

I’m still in the Belgian Ardennes (until the end of the month) and finally, I have an internet connection, but it works so slow that I can hardly do anything (working with pictures is out of the question). They are still testing the system, and they promised me that it will work as it should soon.
And what about fishing? Well we’ve had a terrible summer here so far, cold (around 15 degrees Celsius), with hardly any rain. So the water level is very low (kayaks have been prohibited for several weeks now), with water plants everywhere you look, so I mainly concentrated on trout and chub on a dry fly (with various success). I’ve tried fishing for pike with flies with weed guards, but the weed just gets stuck on the swivel and the head of the fly. I’ve also tried poppers, but due to the current, they’re very difficult to retrieve.
But it’s still great to be here, living outdoors and making new friends!
I will certainly post more when the internet works at full speed (or even half speed).
I’ve also received a lot of emails, and I’m very sorry that I was unable to respond, but I promise that I will answer every question once I’m able to…