Monday, 9 May 2011

Quick update

I got home yesterday, for Mother’s Day and a fantastic concert in the evening by Karsu Dönmez. But tomorrow, I’m off to the Belgian Ardennes again.

Last Tuesday, my parents accompanied me to set up my new home for the next couple of months. No way that I could have accomplished this all by myself.

This is me and my dad, figuring out how to set up my new tent.


And little by little it all started to take shape.


So this is it, my new home and base camp for some wonderful fishing.


Even when I was not fishing, that chair was very hard to get out of. In fact, I’ve enjoyed every second of just sitting there (or reading and tying flies), the last week!


Fish and fishing stories, will be for a next post.

But I can already say that this mayfly is a real killer at the moment.

The camping owner has guarantied me that I will have an internet connection before the summer. That way, I will be able to update my blog daily again…  


e.m.b. said...

Great looking mayfly! And, looks like a beautiful spot! I would spend a lot of time in that chair too, I think...Very much looking forward to your next post!

Djuza said...

Hi Stefaan.
Hope you have a good trip.
It must be very relaxing just sit near the river doing some small things like reading or tying,even just watching the river can be very relaxing,I think I know how you feel.
I also like to just watch out at the sea at my cottage.

Tight lines -Djuza-

Mac-xav said...

Hello Stefaan
tu as la plus belle maison de vacance du secteur !! j'aime beaucoup le siège face à l'eau, le bonheur est simple parfois!! un siège, une rivière, une canne à mouche et pour finir pourquoi pas une bonne Buch bien fraiche.
Bonne vacance

dave lindsay said...

very nice , i hope it dosnt flod though

the lonsome piker said...

Thanks everyone!

Erin, I have a spare chair if you’re interested, but I’m afraid that Belgian fishing is no match for what you got in your area (not to mention fishing guides).

Djuza, you would feel right at home over there because I know that you can fully enjoy the little things in live as well. I really hope we can share some moments like that together sometime in the future.

Xavier, oui le bonheur est simple, on doit vraiment avoir une expérience comme ça ensemble dans là future !

Dave, no worries about floods now, the water level is more than 1 m below my tent, and although I’ve never seen it this low this early in springtime, a big rise in this season wouldn’t exceed 40 cm. Flooding is usually in late winter, when the snow melts (and this year it was really awful).