Friday, 9 December 2011

Pike flies

I’ve been doing some experiments the last few days and came up with a couple of interesting flies and techniques , which I will post later. But for today, I really wanted the post these two (fresh from the vise), they will certainly be the first to try tomorrow in Holland!
I won't post any details about how they’re built yet because they’re still experimental, so things can still change, although I have great confidence in them already.


They both have a glass rattle tied inside (as you can see in the picture), but it’s mainly the action that I’m looking forward to.


This one is the same in black.

I should tie black flies more often, because the last time I went fishing (which feels like a decade ago)…


this was the only fly that caught me fish.

So you can expect a lot more black flies in the future…

And damn, it feels good to tie flies again!


e.m.b. said...

Best of luck to you tomorrow in Holland! And as good as it felt to tie those flies, I bet it'll feel even better to fish them. (If they won't catch, nothing will...dang fine looking flies!)

Johan"Djuza" Lindqvist said...

That´s a nice tie Stefaan.
Black and red have been a good combo in cloudy and rainy weather conditions at hte waters were I use to fish.


Mac-xav said...

Hello Stefaan
ton streamer du bas est super beau !!
Bravo très joli montage, tu vas nous faire une fiche de montage pour ce Monster Streamer ??
Merci d'avance

David Romanillos said...

Like others ..., very nice

Michael D. Johnson said...

Is that Steve F. Blend in the Red Head Deciever, nice touch. I have trouble with the glass rattles getting crunched by fish bites. Have you noticed that too? Nice flies as usual!
Are you going to the Dutch Fly Fair in 2012? I got my invitation today. It would be nice to meet you there.


the lonsome piker said...

Thanks Erin, Djuza and David.

Michael, thanks! To answer your questions, see a newer post. And concerning the Fly Fair, yes I’d love to meet you in person. Just send me a mail so we can talk about it further.

Merci Xavier, tu peut trouver une fiche de montage de Ulf Hagstrom, sur mon blog lundi 31 octobre. Mais ma mouche est un peu différent. Je prends plus de bucktail entre les différents montages de ostrich, pour avoir plus de volume.