Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dark music and tying flies

Once again, the music that I was listening to, has inspired me to tie a fly.


This time it was ‘The Good Son’, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
This is the record where I got to know him, and the first time that I got to see him live (lots of years ago, damn I’m getting old). So a bit of nostalgic will certainly play a roll here, but I still think that it is one of the best albums he has ever recorded!

This fly is about 15 cm long, tied on a Mustad Salt Water hook, size 6/0.

- red Luminous Tinsel
- black Indian cock saddle hackles
- red Vampire Plush
- red bucktail
- repeat the first four steps
- black Indian cock saddle hackles
- and some more black Indian cock saddle hackles
- some of those sexy eyes (with a dark gaze tonight)
- and epoxy around the head

And now I’m going to bed, because I can hardly keep my eyes open anymore,…

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