Thursday, 3 February 2011

The ‘Lonesome Grace’

At the moment, most of my free time, I’m spending on the ‘Djuza Project’
(you will certainly hear a lot more on that matter later).
But tonight, those sexy eyes from last week were gazing at me again, so I had to tie some more pike flies with them.
If you follow this blog regularly, then you will know that music is an important aspect in my life.
I’m definitely NOT one of those guys that goes fishing with an iPod plugged into my ears. While fishing, the sound of nature, the water, the birds, the whispering of the trees and the sound of a fly-line floating thru the air,.. that’s my music!
But while tying flies, that’s something completely different.

So, for this fly, I was looking for something sexy and elegant, combined with raw power. So it didn’t take me long to pull Grace Jones out of my record collection
(yes, I still use a record player, in fact, I’ve bought a lot more vinyl than cd’s lately).

The first fly, I’ve tied while listening to her first album, Portfolio (1977).


It’s about 17 cm long, tied on a Gamakatsu SC15-2H, size 5/0.


The materials I’ve used are:
- feathers from an Indian cock saddle and a Chinese cock neck (two colours)
- Vampire Plush (chenille)
- bucktail (two colours)
- Krystal Flash (three colours)
- grizzly saddle hackles
- artic fox (four colours)
- sexy eyes
- epoxy around the head

The second one, I’ve listened to her fifth album, Nightclubbing (1981).


Same size, same hook and the same materials as the fly above (just different colours).


You could be surprised how much music can influence your tying (or anything else in your life actually)…

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