Monday, 14 November 2011

Are we crazy?

This morning I got up at six a.m. to go swing some flies at pike in the Belgian Polders with 3 other members of my club.
We fished with four guys (all used to fish for pike), for four hours straight, in some of the best pike waters you can find over there, and we didn’t catch a single fish.
So you’re probably wondering why I even post this,… well here’s the reason.


As I neared our starting point, the sun came up in such a beautiful way that I parked my car to watch it for a couple of minutes (and took a picture).


Even at the place we met, everything was still looking so beautiful, quiet and promising that we were already in a good mood before we even started fishing.


This was our day to catch some nice pike!



we tried,


and tried…

and,… nothing.

So why do I post this?... Because this is fly-fishing as well. And if you can’t enjoy this, you’ll never be a true fly-fisherman in your life! I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day, and just by looking at these pictures again tonight, my whole body feels warm and satisfied again.

So… are we crazy?
Or are we born with some extra ‘happy’ gene?

What ever it is,… I never want to loose it!!!


Djuza said...

Very well said !!! That´s exactly what I want to feel in fly fishing but somehow I lost it for a while this season.
A big thanks for this posting,
By watching these photos and reading this text I think I have found it again,and this time I wont lose it.


P.S No,your not crazy :)

James O Durbin II said...

Never lose appreciation for the real reason we are on the water.
Nice post.

Fabris verhoustraete said...

De W-VL POLDERS kunnen toch schoon zijn hé