Monday, 7 November 2011

Finally on the water again

A friend of mine came to visit me for a couple of days. A very nice guy, but he isn’t interested in fishing at all, so no posts, no fishing and no tying. And although we had a great time together, I really had to get out there today.


I had some time this afternoon, so I went to a water that I wanted to try for a while now.
I never go there because as you can see there’s no room to cast from the banks.


But it is ideal with a float tube. But the float tube I had… well let’s say that a sofa from my living room is probably more manoeuvrable in the water. But I got me a new one last week, so I didn’t have any excuses anymore.


And there’s pike,

so I will definitely be going back there this week with more time…


Djuza said...

Fishing from a float tube is really funny and exciting,especially in smaller waters,
I havent used mine since summer.
Have just been too lacy when I have been able to use a boat.


e.m.b. said...

I have actually never used a float tube (canoe instead), but I'm sure I'd make a wreck of it. Looks like a great new place to explore!

Jerome_S said...

It looks like the pike imitation streamer works :)!
Good job Stefaan!

the lonsome piker said...

Hello Djuza, yes fishing from a float tube is just great (as long as there isn’t to much wind), and good for the health as well!
And I never thought you were the ‘lacy’ type. ;)

Hello Erin, you should really try it once. And you don’t wreck a float tube that easily (this one has six different air chambers).
And fishing from a boat or canoe is great as well, but with a float tube, you have your legs hanging in the water and the only way to move (besides wind, current and a hooked fish) is by using the flippers on your feet, which gives it a whole other dimension.

Hello Jerome, yes they work! I went back there today for about three hours. The first two hours and a halve, I fished with all kinds of streamers, in all kinds of colours, without a single bite. Then I changed back to the same pike pattern as yesterday, and I immediately missed a bite, then I caught a nice pike, followed by another one which I lost (in a very spectacular way, I never saw a ‘tail-walk’ this impressive before).