Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tandem time

The last pattern was so much fun to tie, that I decided to make a tandem version. It takes some time to tie them, but I’m very satisfied with the result.

They are all about 24 cm long, tied on Mustad salt water hooks. A 6/0 for the head, and a 5/0 for the trailer.

Here I used to much black in the head, but I like the result nevertheless.

Same here, I shouldn’t have mixed black with the yellow.That’s another lesson learnd.

And the last one.

But more will follow…


David Romanillos said...

Like the others ..., simply the best.

Johan"Djuza" Lindqvist said...

The black/purple is.....not just nice,it´s stunning.A killer.
So is also the black/white.
What feathers do you use?Haven´t seen anything like that.

the lonsome piker said...

David, thanks!

Hello Djuza, thanks!
It depends on what colour you mean. The white feathers are American Rooster Saddles from Whiting,
the orange/grizzly ones are Dyed Grizzly Saddles from Hareline Dubbin,
but all of the others are Magnum #2 Saddles from Metz.

Rich said...

Love the tandem flies, they are a work of art, It would be a shame to fish with them...:o)

Are those eyes the roach eyes I sent you?


Mac-xav said...

Hello Stefaan
Ils sont juste trop beaux !!!
Je n'arrive toujours pas à ton résultat sur la tête !!!! il y a un truc .... je cherche toujours !!
Bravo encore à toi

the lonsome piker said...

Hello Rich, it’s good to hear from you again and thanks for the nice words. And no, they’re not your eyes. These are simple silver epoxy eyes, which I coloured with regular permanent markers or Prismacolor markers. This works very well, the colours never come off.

Salut Xavier, merci bien ! les têtes ici ne sont pas comme ‘the lonesome tom’, ça c’était 4x4 touffes de ploypropylene, ici c’est 6x6 touffes. Alors le truc : prend votre temp.

Rich said...

That is a brilliant idea with the marker pens. The only ones I have are pro markers which are alchol based so they might react with the varnish....


the lonsome piker said...

Rich, I wouldn’t worry to much about the combination of varnish and alcohol based markers. First of all, I colour these eyes before I glue them in. If you put varnish on them afterwards, then you’ll have a problem. But markers on your varnish is no problem at all. For example, I usually tie my flies with white thread, so the place where you tie off (at the hook eye), the thread is visible and usually has a different colour than the rest of your fly. So I always colour that bit with a marker, after I’ve put some varnish on, and I’ve never had a problem with it (the varnish has to be dry of course).