Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Quick update

Things haven’t been as quiet as you think around here. I’ve been working on an easy and quick to tie synthetic baitfish pattern, the last couple of days. Which you’ll see on my next post(s).

But this afternoon, I spent some time with Philippe, who’s one of the guys of our six men group to go toss some pike flies in Ireland in April. And I must say that he has tied an impressive collection of great looking pike flies so far!

But talking about flies and fish was only one of the reasons we got together this afternoon. We also exchanged some tying materials. And this is a very interesting piece I received from him today.

An entire, perfectly dried and preserved deer skin. That’s something that will give me lots of hours of tying pleasure and surely a large number of great flies to fish with.

So thanks again Philippe!

The synthetics will be for tomorrow or the day after…


Flyfishermanrichard. said...

Cannot wait to see the baitfish?

Anonymous said...

Er zal in Ierland geen gebrek aan snoekvliegen zijn denk ik... :):):)

Gino aka Pike Pimp

Anonymous said...

Ook bedankt voor het materiaal Stefaan :)ik heb al goudvisen gebonden,oranje en geel gemengd en een witte buik.Fantastisch materiaal!

GR. Philippe The grey piker ><))°>

the lonsome piker said...

Richard, I’m working on them, so just be patient. But I think it will be a post in several parts…

Pike Pimp, ik zei het al eerder tegen Philippe, ik hoop dat die ferry niet kapseist met al onze vliegen. We moeten er maar op letten dat we onze wagens in het midden van de boot parkeren.

The grey piker, wow, dat is een naam die zal blijven hoor, fantastisch gevonden! En ik ben blij dat het materiaal je bevalt.

The grey piker said...

Ik kreeg die naam van mijn lief vrouwtje,lief hé :):):)