Monday, 13 February 2012

Quick update

There’s not much fishing going on in Belgium, because we’re experiencing the longest cold wave since 1941. So every water is covered with ice.


This is a water at a couple of kilometres from my home. Beautiful, but difficult to fish.

And this is rather normal for this time of the year, because there’s no current in this water.


But I got this picture in my mailbox yesterday of the river Semois (thanks Pascal), taken at only a few kilometres from where I stayed last summer, and this is exceptional. Normally everything else on this picture should be white, except the river. They haven’t got any snow but it must have been very cold over there to freeze this current.

And in the meanwhile, on the other side of the world…


Damn, do you have any idea how many flies you can tie with this outfit? Neither do I, but I would surely like to get my hands on this lady’s clothes!

(thanks for making me drool all over my keyboard, Jan)

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of experiments this weekend.


But even with some help from my four-footed friend, Indra, the only thing I’ve learned, is how not to do things.
Sure, I’ve learned some interesting things for other applications, but I’ve got this fly in my head which simply doesn’t want to come off my vise.

But I’m not giving up, so…

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