Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A new fly

For over a week now, I’ve had this idea for a new fly, but the idea just kept changing. I pulled out lots of hooks and tying material and made several sketches. So finally, yesterday I was ready to give it a try.

This is just a prototype, some things will certainly change, but I thought it was worth posting anyway.


The original idea just had an epoxy head, but yesterday I found these Flylipps in my mailbox (thanks again for those Michael) and I just threw them in the mix.


This afternoon, I found a canal that was reasonably ice free (due to the busy shipping), so I was able to test the action, and I was very pleased with what I saw. This is a real ass shaker! With some improvements here and there, this will be a killer.


Raymond - Noordermeer. Alias: Raymundo (Artoficial Pike fly and Lure.) said...

Awesome concept Stefaan.
You did a nice blending on those colors as well.

Very nice guy that Michael, this kinda fly lips are hard to get in the Benelux.

best regards,


David Romanillos said...

Hello Stefaan. Good idea¡
I put on my bass flies the Flylipps and ..., without comments

Johan"Djuza" Lindqvist said...

Now this is an absolutely interesting concept!!!
It would be great to see a tutorial and a swimming video of this one.
Is it more difficult to cast with those lips ?
I tested Marc PetitJean Magic heads about two years ago and it felt difficult to cast,wind resistance maybe,or casting technique.
Anyway,very nice tie.


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Have used a number of homemade different sizes Stefaan since I put the pike fly tournament on 3 yrs ago. The Dutch lads came out with number of flies in different sizes and sized lips and have found that the smaller the lip the better the fly is to cast but also the better it moves in the water.

Have often chatted with Martie van den brand about his Wobble flies and he has some awesome tutorials to download on his website. I particularily like his foam wobble flies and with a wiggle tail attached they are fantastic Zander flies.

I also prefer the shape of your lips.Awesome they do give a fly a hell of a lot of movement.

Jerome_S said...

That is some great tying. I'll be looking for those Flylips soon ;).

the lonsome piker said...

Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys, but I’m still experimenting, and to be honest, I’m not making a lot of progress. But I’ll get there… some day!

Djuza, I didn’t have any problem to cast, but this is a small lip compared to the size of the fly. If it’s tied onto a smaller sized fly, I do have my doubts, but since I haven’t tried that yet, I can’t say for sure.

Simon, thanks for the tip!