Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ezine update

Yes, I know I’ve said that I wouldn’t post it anymore when there was a new issue of an ezine and simply adjust the picture and the link in the column on the right. But I’m having some difficulties with some ezines to put you directly there. With the latest Bloodknot Magazine and the fantastic new Pool 32 Mag (325 pages!), you will first arrive at a subscribing page when you click the picture. This is actually no problem at all, since you can arrive at the actual ezine by just one click on both pages. Although I do advise you to subscribe, because both are full of interesting stuff and loads of fantastic pictures, totally free with no obligations whatsoever.
And since I’m writing this anyway, I might just as well add that there’s a new Flymage and Catch Magazine as well, so have fun.

Just click on any picture here or check them out with the other ezines in the right column.

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