Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pretty in Pink

It’s been a week since a posted something, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything. The water was covered with ice, so it was time to experiment at the vise.
I didn’t post anything because I tied all sorts of combinations of new materials and accessories (Flylipps, popper heads tied in reverse, new hooks and stuff like that), which I couldn’t test in the water. But the ice is gone now, and ‘the Grey Piker’ is picking me up at noon tomorrow (or today actually, when I look at the clock) to explore a new water, and test new flies.

But I couldn’t resist to post a (very) small selection of my ‘test flies’ already.
I picked out some white/pink combinations.


The first is a tandem fly, made of Raccoon Fur and Krystal Chenille. And one of the many Flylipps I tied in this week, under the chin.


This is a ‘Slider’, to fish with a sinking line, made of saddle hackles, some flash, Long Fur (in several dubbing loops) and a popper head, with some Flexifloss and a layer of epoxy mixed with some pink glitter.


I really like this Long Fur, but the only problem is the length (8 to 10 cm), so I tried to come up with a solution to make my fly a bit longer…


I just tied in a tail on an extension.

This, in combination with a Flylipp on top of the hook shank is one of the many things I want to test tomorrow.


This one will be no mystery, because it’s a normal ‘Replot Stinger’, just tied on a heavier hook and some epoxy eyes glued on with some UV stuff between them (but I tied me a full box of them the last couple of days, and this one was white and pink too, so I posted it as well).

You’ll certainly hear about other experiments as well, once I’ve checked them out…

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