Tuesday, 23 October 2012

On with the blog!

My summer in the Belgian Ardennes was the first thing I wanted to post, but I have so many pictures and stuff I could write about that I simply don’t know where to start, so… nothing happens. And since I want to move on, I decided to skip it (or do a piece now and then, or… we’ll see) and carry on.

The last two days for example, were exceptionally warm for this time of the year (over 20° C),
so I spent my afternoons at the ‘Hawthorn’ club water, chasing rainbows.


And I caught very well on this type of streamer.

Just a little bit of flash, a rabbit strip zonker and a deer hair head with some dumbbell eyes in it.

I actually tied these streamers this summer for chub (with great success by the way). Here are a couple of nice ones.

But as I said before, the last two days, they worked very well on these kind of beauties.


Especially a black version.

Now that I have that whole ‘Belgian Ardennes’ thing out of my head, I’m able to move on, so from now on you can expect a lot more posts on a more frequent base again…


David Romanillos said...

Hello Stefaan¡¡¡¡
Welcome, how are you?
I was thinking about you long time, because I don´t have anything, news, ...
Are you fine?
Greetings from David

the lonsome piker said...

Hello David, I’m fine thanks and back in business.