Sunday, 7 October 2012

Polder pike

A post about my summer in the Belgian Ardennes will be for later, because I still have lots of pictures to process.
But this morning, I went pike-fishing in the Belgian polders with a couple of guys from my club. And since I didn’t fish for pike the whole summer, the expectations were high.

We found ourselves a nice little polder water and hoped for the best.

Here’s Dirk, our president,
in action.

And we got lucky, there were a lot of pike swimming around in it!
These are the best fish of the morning:


This is Nico with a new personal best for him, 89 cm of muscles. Well done Nico!


And half an hour later, I was able to land this 92 cm beauty.

Needless to say that I’m a happy man. This is certainly the best way to start pike fishing again…


fabrisver said...

Hey Stefaan , het was een leuke morgen in de polders. Ik heb ervan genoten.Voor herhaling vatbaar.
same place same time

Mac-xav said...

Hello Stefaan
et bien voilà un belle reprise !!
Ils sont très beaux vos deux Brochet

Johan Lindqvist said...

Nice catches both,here in Finland I have had some difficult times,no fishes around.
Hoping for some better times now when the water get´s colder.


Anglers Belong said...

I must say that you made a great come back to pike fishing..
I'm following you now..tight lines.
Feel free to visit and follow our fishing blog in Borneo at

the lonsome piker said...

Fabris, het was inderdaad een leuke morgen en dat zullen we zeker herhalen!
Xavier, merci!
Djuza, hello, it’s still to warm over here as well.
Borneo guys, thanks and I checked out your blog, it seems like a nice place to fish!