Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ireland (3): day 2


Since we planned on fishing slightly larger lakes the second day, we finally got all together on the same lake.

This is our armada, ready to hit the water.


And although we were a heavily armed armada, it was a bit of an off day (for most of us anyway). The weather was horrible while we were on the lake and only a few jacks were caught.


By the time we got to the second lake, the weather was a little better, and we all caught at least several small ones with some exceptions up to 75 cm.


But most of them were about this size.


Then all of a sudden the wind literally blew us out of the lake, so we shared the meadow with some sheep to find a road.


After splitting up again, to find much smaller lakes (to have some shelter against the wind), we decided to give it a try at our own ‘private lake’.

This is the view from our house. And that path you see leads to a special place.

It brings you to this little canal where you can take a boat (or use your bellyboat of course)…


…which you can follow several hundred meters, and turn several corners…


…trough strangely beautiful places (it reminded Koen of the ‘Blair Witch Project’)…


…until you finally arrive at this beautiful small lake.


This lake may only be fished by the people who rent the house. And since we were the first ones to rent it this year, we were also the first ones to fish on the lake.


And although I love catching jacks, we were hoping on something bigger.


But only Koen succeeded.

I know, he doesn’t look very happy, but I can guarantee you that he was.

This beauty reached the magical number of 100 cm.

Phillipe had the great idea of filming the drill. (the last couple of minutes anyway).
The very spectacular start of the drill isn’t on it, but it’s still nice to watch.

Yes, he was lucky he didn’t loose the pike when the line slipped trough his fingers.


Since the canal is the only way to get on the lake, it’s also the only way out. And that was not an easy task, as Lieven is demonstrating here.


We finished the day with some fly-tying.


Watching ‘a Backyard in Nowhere’ of course (movie of the year!).


Or make cigarettes, for the next day…


Johan"Djuza" Lindqvist said...

Hi Stefaan.
Wow,it seems to have been a very nice trip.


geadais said...

Nice pics! And looks like a good trip :-)

the lonsome piker said...

Hi guys, yes a it was a nice trip. We had to work hard in those horrible weather conditions, but it was worth it!