Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ezine update

I’m finally back home! But I must admit that it took me a whole week to acclimatize to the busy and stressful world we actually live in. The last couple of months, I woke up by the sounds of nature, opened my tent and had a great view at the river Semois. Now that I’m back home, I must admit that it feels good to see family and friends (and dog) again, but it’s certainly not the same thing!

I still have a lot to do at the moment, so more posts will follow later, but I’ll just start with some ezine updates for now. Much to late as usual, but here they are anyway. Just click on any picture or check them out with the other ezines on the right.


The new issue of “Flymage”


 The new “This is Fly”


The new Catch Magazine


And a new issue of “FlyfishersInc”

1 comment:

David Romanillos said...

How are you, and the fly fishing?
Welcome to real life.