Monday, 26 September 2011

Production mode

Usually when I tie a pike fly, I leave my hook in the vice from start to finish, but this weekend I got a rather large order of ‘Lonesome Tom’ patterns, so I started looking for a method to speed things up a bit.

I started with tying the tails and the bodies first, so I could do the heads later.

But when I looked at the amount of brass wire dubbing brushes I had to twist manually, my courage abandoned me very quickly.

So I came up with a new setup to make my brass wire dubbing brushes.
Equally easy, equally efficient, but a lot faster.

I just screwed an eye (like you see on the left) straight into my tying table (yes, I did), used the same piece of wood (with a groove), but attached the second eye into my dremmel tool. I use this dremmel tool for all kinds of stuff, so I really don’t know why I didn’t come up with this idea before. But, better late than never, so now I’m off to finish my flies. That will be for a next post…

1 comment:

Djuza said...

Those flies looks really good.Have you served them to some greedy pikes yet?
I think I´ll have to take a seat behind the vice.