Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What a fantastic summer!

First I have to say that I had big plans for my blog this summer, but with the continuing problems with the internet connection (it still doesn’t work), that didn’t happen (as you might have noticed). Anyway, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been doing all summer.

The main targeted species were chub and trout on a dry fly. My first fish ever on the fly (over twenty years ago) was a chub, and I just love to fish them ever since, regardless what other fly fishermen think of them (I really don’t care).
I can guarantee you that a chub of this size (which is no exception over there) is more of a challenge that most of the trout swimming around over there.



Most of all, it was a time of relaxing and making new friends (and go fishing with them of course). Like Leonel on this picture (probably the best dressed fisherman of the region).


Sébastien, who just started fly-fishing this year, but a great guy to have around. I’m sorry that I haven’t got a picture of him up-close.


And Kylian of course, one of the most driven fisherman I’ve ever met.

I just looked and saw that it was good.


And this was a daily sight. These two gentlemen, Leonel and Guy, probably spent more time with me than with their wives (Leonel’s wife even suggested to put his bed in my tent). Anyway, they have become very good friends and I’m already looking forward to see them again!

Leonel has been fly-fishing for many years, but he never tied his own flies before. But this summer, I convinced him to buy a vice and he is very determined to keep on learning.


So my tying class is growing. Here’s Kylian at one of his sessions.


And this is Merel, a very nice girl who doesn’t even fish, but who was so fascinated by the whole fly-tying idea, that she spent hours behind that vice to create all kinds of stuff.


Actually, a lot of kids found their way to my tent, practically every day. I took this picture after another flock of them just landed.


Guy and I also spent a lot of time fixing bikes (it’s unbelievable how they manage to break something every couple of days).


Anyway, I fell in love with this river a long time ago, and I’m sure that this love will last for the rest of my life!


e.m.b. said...

This is such a delightful post, about lovely times. Although, I know it's hard to come back from such things, I'm glad to be able to look forward to your posts again!

Djuza said...

Now this is what I call enjoying.
Nice pics of a surely memoriable summer.
I´m also looking forward to read your posts again