Friday, 30 September 2011

Pike flies

It has been 28° C in the shade for the last two days, which we haven’t had all summer. So I’m a bit disappointed that I broke up my summer ‘house’ in the Belgian Ardennes already, last week (in the pouring rain, at 10° C). But I’ve had some nice orders for pike flies, so it’s not so (very) hard to forget about it.
At the moment, I’m working on an order of synthetic baitfish patterns, which is a pattern I will also use in my upcoming tying sessions.
I’m not finished yet (more colour combinations will follow), but these are the ones I’ve tied this afternoon.
They are all about 14 cm long, tied entirely with Steve Farrar’s SF Flash Blend, on a Gamakatsu F314 size 2/0.

The colours I’ve used are:


Belly: shrimp
Tail: wild olive
Head: peacock
Chin: red


Belly: white
Tail: chartreuse
Head: peacock
Chin: red


Belly: white
Tail: sea blue
Head: herring back
Chin: orange


Belly: white
Tail: pink
Head: bleeding purple
Chin: pink

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