Friday, 28 January 2011

The ‘Lonesome Tom’


Since I’ve tied two more colour combinations of yesterdays pattern, I had to come up with a name again. And again I’ve found my inspiration in the music I was listening to.

This might be the perfect opportunity to share another passion in my life. For me, listening to music and tying flies is a combination that gets me in a sort of healthy trance (I think that if the roof blew off, I wouldn’t even notice it).

This time I was listening to Tom Waits, and therefore I called it a 'Lonesome Tom’.

If you want to tie a head like this yourself (which is the head of a Bullhead basically), you can find a great tutorial by Dave Lindsay on his new website (and loads of other interesting stuff on predator fly tying as well).

And for those who are interested, this was the music I was listening to.
I particularly like the seventies period of Tom Waits. He recorded some great music back then, and the two albums that I prefer the most are these:


            ‘Closing Time’                                                   and ‘Blue Valentine’

He is on the top of my list of artists that I would like the see live, but until this day, I’ve never had the opportunity (he’s an odd fellow when it comes to concerts).

I named the ‘Lonesome Dee’ after David Eugene Edwards, from Woven Hand.
Actually, I like all of their albums, but the two that really stick out (for me) are:


              ‘Blush Music’                                                        and ‘Mosaic’

They are also a fantastic live band. I‘ve seen them a few times, and if you want to see a man with charisma dripping from the stage, go check them out yourself if you got the chance!

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