Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tandem Flash Flies

As I was tying this flash fly for tomorrow (with a 5 mm tungsten bead in the head, to go deep), I was wondering if it was possible to make a tandem fly with this stuff. So I gave it a try.

All flies are entirely made of Polar Flash

This one is about 19 cm long.


I started with tying in a tail, followed by a brass wire dubbing brush on a Gamakatsu F314,
size 2/0.
Then I attached this hook with a titanium wire (with some beads over it) on a Grey Matzo Streamer hook, size 6/0. And then I filled this hook with a dubbing brush as well.


This one is about 15 cm long, tied on two F314’s, size 2/0.

This is still an experiment, but I’m looking forward to test them…


Djuza said...

Great looking flies once again.
Thumbs up!!!
I have never tried to cast a tandem fly,is it much more difficult then a "normal" pike fly.
I mean the weight,the wire between the hooks etc...

dave lindsay said...

nice looking flies there mate

the lonsome piker said...

These flies cast just the same as any other fly, Bruce. This stuff is Nylon, so it doesn’t absorb any water. The only extra weight is the additional hook, but you don’t feel that at all.