Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The upside-down ’Lonesome Dee’

As you can see, my dryer had to work at full speed this evening.

Actually I wanted to go fishing today, but the weather was truly horrible, so I’ve tied me some flies instead. I really liked the pattern that I ended up with yesterday, so I had to give it a name (which I’m not good at). Since I’ve listened to Woven Hand (that’s a band) most of the time during tying, I called the fly, the ‘Lonesome Dee’ (Dee is short for David Eugene Edwards, the front man of the band).

The pattern is the same of yesterday (rabbit zonker strip and Angel Hair for the tail, a brass wire dubbing brush with SF Blend, and the head is a 5 mm tungsten bead, some sequins with holographic eyes in the middle and epoxy around it all). They are about 9 cm long, tied on a Gamakatsu JIG 22, size 4/0.


The SF Blend is pink and bleeding purple


Yellow and bleeding red


White and bleeding red


White and light pink


Bleeding black and bleeding red

I’ve cut the fibre to short on this one, but I will fish it anyway

Chartreuse and peacock


White and sea blue

White and grey

Normally I don’t tie the same pattern so many times in a row, but this one is really a lot fun…

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