Monday, 31 January 2011

Small stuff

I didn’t have much time to do anything the last couple of days, but the moments I did have to myself, I’ve used to tie some smaller streamers (since I plan to go more to the Belgian Ardennes for fishing this year).


These are actually for trout, but I think they will do fine for perch, zander, ide, chub, or any fish that feeds on fry (so I’ve tied me a box full of them).
Actually, I intend to try them out for perch tomorrow or the day after.


They are all about 5,5 cm long, tied on a Gamakatsu F314, size 6, with a 3,8 mm bead.



The materials I’ve used are, rabbit zonker strip, Krystal Flash and chenille (Krystal Chenille or Vampire Plush).

The first ones, I’ve also used some copper or brass wire to secure the rabbit strip (which you can see on some of the pictures), but the way they are tied, that wasn’t really necessary, so after a dozen or so, I’ve stopped using it.

I got my inspiration for this pattern from a book that I can highly recommend.
Not for pike or salt water flies, but every other type of fly fishing is very adequately explained
(dry flies, nymphs, streamers,… how to tie them and how to fish them).
The book also includes a DVD, mainly on Czech Nymph fishing.


Of course, since this book is brought out by Hends Products, every fly inside is tied with their own products.
I’ve been tying flies with Hends Products for a while now, and their stuff is really great, but to be honest, there isn’t much of a difference with other high quality products.
But the book is still worth checking out, whatever brand of material you use!


And I’ve tied me a couple of these as well
(just a variation on a Muddler Minnow).

This one is about 4 cm long, tied on a Kamasan B-830, size 10.

And now, I’m off to my vise again, because I’ve made a promise to Djuza
(from Piketeaser), and I intend to keep it…

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dave lindsay said...

really nice flies there buddy i can see me making a few of those up think smallies would kill for them