Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pike flies

Lately, I’ve become a big fan of tandem flies. They just have a fantastic action in the water.
And although some people think that it’s insane to put so much time in tying a pike fly, I really don’t  care. Why? … Because I just love tying them!!!
Last week, I’ve been tying a lot of ‘Tandem Flash Flies’ (which I intend to do an extensive post on later) and ‘Tandem Lonesome Tom’ patterns, but this evening, I felt like using feathers for the tail instead.

I just can’t wait to give these a try!

Which will probably be tomorrow…


J and M Flies said...

Nice flies. I like them a lot. I have never caught a pike on a fly but have always wanted to. Your stuff inspires me. I have been thinking about tying streamers like this up but in smaller sizes for the smallmouth. Nice work.

J & M Flies

Javier Gómez said...

Good luck tomorrow Stefaan, those flies so precious will make that pikes turned crazy.

Djuza said...

Nice tie again,the grey one would be a real killer at my hot spots.
I have never tried a tandem fly,not to tie or to fish with.Is there any differences to a single hooked fly ?

the lonsome piker said...

Jeff, thanks a lot!

Thanks Xavier, but there was really to much wind, which made it dangerous to cast. I did get a chance to test the action though.

Hello Djuza, to answer your question, yes there is a difference, especially when the head of the fly pushes a lot of water. That’s why I like my ‘Lonesome Tom’ pattern so much, because it makes the fly swing from left to right. But with a tandem streamer it swings even more.

Michael D. Johnson said...

Nice, as usual Stefaan!


the lonsome piker said...

Thanks Michael, but I will certainly try one of your patterns soon, you tie some great stuff as well!