Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pike flies

Just some new colour combinations of a Jerk Tom for my upcoming fishing trip to
a private water in the north of France on Wednesday.

Bleeding baitfish, so red and white (neck) feathers, white bucktail with some red mixed into it, and some red luminous tinsel (and the usual head).


And straight from hell’s vise,

black and red.


I also agreed to swap a couple of flies with some people.

So, Jeff and Jerome, these are yours
(I’ll try to tie the rest tomorrow).


Jeff said...

Awesome flies....can't wait to check them out.

Jerome_S said...

Wonderful! where are you going in the North of France?

the lonsome piker said...

Thanks Jeff, but I ran into some problems. Could you check your mail please.

Thanks Jerome. We’re going to ‘Domaine de la vallée’ in Vendeuil.

Mac-xav said...

Bonjour Stefaan
Ils sont trop beaux !!! un jour moi aussi j'arriverai au m^me résultat..
enfin j'espère vraiment !!!

the lonsome piker said...

Merci Xavier. Ils sont pourtant facile a faire, mais ça prend un peut de temps.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Sweet flies mate!