Friday, 21 October 2011

Urban perch fishing

This afternoon I went back with two other members of my club to that crazy spot where I caught all that perch on Monday.

And I figured out what leads to this temporary massive catches (I think).
Monday and today, the wind came from the same direction, blowing all residues of dead plants (which won’t last) into this narrow part of the canal, attracting lots of small baitfish and of course lots of perch. I’ve tried fishing there every day, this week, and sure there was perch, but far from the amount of Monday and today, and no plant residues to be seen.


But like I said, today the fishing gods were on our side again.

This is Dirk, our president with one of the many, many fish we caught today.


We honestly (all three of us) lost count. It was strange when we didn’t have a single bite on each cast.

Here’s Jean-Pierre with one of his.


The fish weren’t as big as last Monday, but the numbers made us all forget about that.

This is me with another one.

I know this is exceptional, and it won’t last, but that doesn’t change the fact that we had a fantastic afternoon!


Jay Zimmerman said...

Yes, sir! I'd join ya in min!

e.m.b. said...

Me too!!!

the lonsome piker said...

Did somebody call me… ‘sir’? Wow, I will sleep very good tonight!