Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pike flies

Wind, rain and heavy hailstorms, so an ideal moment to get behind the vise. And I spent quite a few hours behind my vise today.

First I had to finish this order of baitfish patterns.


Bleeding black


And yellow/orange

Then I wanted to make a bigger version of a ‘Lonesome Tom’ pattern, but since I’ve made so many brass wire dubbing brushes lately, I was really in the mood to tie something different. So I changed my mind along the way.


I wanted to tie three like this, with a length of about 20 cm (instead of the usual 14 cm).


But, with these two, I made a collar of white and chartreuse artic fox (tied in) and an epoxy head (with sequins inside for the eyes).

In the next flies, I really like the colour of the rabbit zonker strips, but the hair is a lot shorter than the zonker strips that I normally use, so I tied in two of them.
And there’s something really weird with my orange bucktail, no matter how I change the light, it always looks pink on a picture (so you’ll have to take my word for it, it’s orange).


And I also wanted to tie three like this, but I changed my mind again (twice).


Here I made a collar with three dubbing loops of artic fox (yellow/black/orange) and an epoxy head.


And here with three dubbing loops of marabou.


Here, I made the tail with yellow and orange grizzly saddle hackles and tied in yellow (bottom) and orange/black/orange (top) artic fox for the collar.

I did some experiments on something new as well but I’m not yet sure where I’m going with it…


Javier Gómez said...

what material is made the first flies?

The barbelman said...

Hi man!

Nice flies!

I'm sure, are perfect for spanish pikes!

Now I'm following your blog.

the lonsome piker said...

Hello, Javier, they are entirely made of Steve Farrar’s SF Flash Blend (which is basically a combination of Slinky Fibre and Angel Hair).

Hi Barbelman, I don’t know the pike in Spain, but I’m sure they aren’t so different from the ones we’ve got in Belgium.

The barbelman (El Barbo) said...

In Spain there aren't many pikes, but with patience, you can catch some.

However we have many barbels/barbs that you can fish with streamer too.

Bye, thanks!