Thursday, 30 December 2010

More luck tomorrow?

Finally, a couple of hours by the water again, and it felt very good to be outdoors! But new waters often have some surprises, especially this one. I’ve fished in polder waters before, but never this close to the sea. When I arrived, the water looked very murky, which wasn’t  a good sign but I figured, with some bright colours and flashy fluff, I might still have a chance. But after a few minutes, my line (on the water) went from straight to half a circle in no time. The current that appeared so suddenly, was something that I have never witnessed before. Every day, when it’s low tide in the North Sea, they open the lock gates in the next village and release the polder water. I was warned for this current, but I didn’t expect anything like this though.

Apparently, pike don’t like this either, and it’s a bad time to fish them. I saw one pike though, (around 80 cm) right at my feet. When you strip your line, it always kind of slaps the water right in front of your rod tip, and this pike seemed to be very interested in this movement on the surface. She came swimming up to my line, looked at it, and disappeared again.

On my way back home, I checked out some other waters that I’ve fished before, but they were even murkier than the first one and/or they were still covered with a thin layer of ice.
This ice will be gone in a day or two, but according to our (wonderful?!) Belgian fishing laws, tomorrow is the last official day of the pike season (luckily there are a few exceptions and some private waters).

There is only one way to deal with this problem, and that’s to give it another try tomorrow. This time, I’m going together with Koen (who knows this water very well), and we tend to arrive there at high tide. This way, we will still have a couple of hours without the turbulent current. So maybe we will have more luck tomorrow. Either way, I think it’s a beautiful way to end the year!

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