Saturday, 4 December 2010


Dave (the fluff-caveman from Scotland at asked me if I could post the fly that caught me the zander (see the picture, three posts back).
I did have to look for it for a while (I’ve got quite a few streamers laying around here), but I found it. And I have to say that it looked a lot better before I used it.

Now this is not exactly a zander fly (it is 23 cm long). I was actually fishing for pike at the time.


This is my (used) version of a Torö Killer v2.0 by Ulf Hagström. You can find a tutorial of his fly on
On his blog ( you can see that it’s not just good for pike, because he caught a 4 kg sea-trout on it.

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dave lindsay said...

wow nice tie would work well over here also thanks for postiing