Sunday, 19 December 2010

Pike flies


I’m still playing with the same pattern. This time in white and pink.


Actually I wanted to put some Flexifloss in the head, but I forgot…


so I’ve tied another one.

These flies are about 20 cm long, and tied on a Gamakatsu SC15-2H, size 5/0.


- I’ve started with a white rabbit zonker strip
- then some pink Ice Chenille wrapped around (1 cm of) the hook shank
- pink bucktail around the hook shank
- pink Polar Flash on top
- white saddle hackles
- and the head is white and pink lama hair, six strands of pink Flexifloss (three actually, folded double), and homemade epoxy eyes.

I like the look of this Flexifloss (or Crazy Legs) in the head, and they will add more movement, so I will be using this stuff more often.

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