Thursday, 2 December 2010

Perch/pikeperch flies

Yesterday I found this deer hair floating fry in a book. And of course, when I see ‘deer hair’, I have to give it a try. The pattern I found was designed for top water trout fishing (hook size 2-6). The ones I’ve maid are bigger than that, and I tend to fish them on a fast sinking line (Teeny TS-250), with a short leader to make them swim just above ground. And it is not trout, but perch and pikeperch that I’m after.

The first one, I used white marabou, and only white deer hair, which I coloured with a permanent marker. I like the result, and I will fish it, but why colour the hair when there are so many colours available.




So the next one, I used yellow marabou (two kinds of yellow, to get closer to the colour of the deer hair), and yellow and red deer hair.
These two flies (or fish), are tied on a Gamakatsu LS-5013F (Aberdeen), size 2/0, and are about 6 cm long.


Here, I used white, pink and red marabou and deer hair. This one is a bit bigger, tied on a 4/0 and about 8 cm long.

I will definitely tie more of these. It does take some work and time (and deer hair) to make them, but it’s really a lot of fun.

And this is what I’m after. I know it’s not a pike, but it is a beautiful fish!

(and putting a picture like this on your blog, makes you forget the ice for a moment)

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dave lindsay said...

fantastic zander buddy what was the fly post a pic