Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pike flies

This fly is about 25 cm long, tied on a Gamakatsu Worm 36, size 6/0.

- I started with some light green Polar Flash
- then a chartreuse racoon zonker
- chartreuse bucktail around the bottom of the hook shank and black around the top
- some grizzly chartreuse saddle hackles
- then a collar with three dubbing loops of artic fox (black, chartreuse, black)
- some sequins and epoxy for the head

I will test this one first though, before I tie some more.


Bruce Deschamps said...

This fly looks great! I never tried yet tying such size fly.
The proportion of materials is the most difficult task to me to give it a nice volume.

How do you deal with proportions of materials? Any tricks to give away?

Anonymous said...

Great assembly(editing)!! 25cm big pike are going to like(love) him(it)
A + Mac-xav

the lonsome piker said...

Si les chevaliers (oui, j’ai vu votre article), veulent me dire ou demander quelque chose en français, je le comprends. Mais je répondrai en anglais, comme ça tout le monde peut suivre (et mon anglais est mieux que mon français).

I just said that the knights (referring to an article on their blog), can ask me anything in French. But I will answer in English, so that everyone can follow (besides, my English is better than my French).

Et pour les Flamands la même chose. Of voor de mensen die me in het Nederlands iets willen zeggen of vragen, laat maar komen.

The same for people who speak Dutch.

Djuza said...

Hi Stefaan.
Very good looking fly,I mean VERY good looking !!!

Have you tried these flies yet?How about the weight when the fly gets wet?


the lonsome piker said...

Tomorrow, Djuza, and I’m looking forward to it!

the lonsome piker said...

Well Djuza, I was able to cast it on a 9#, but the water wasn’t very wide so I didn’t have to cast very far. But you don’t really need all that fur, so the next fly (and this one as well), I will cut out some hair like Simon Graham does. It will still have enough movement, and weigh a bit less.