Sunday, 5 December 2010

Pike flies

Yesterday I bought several brands of these saddles, but I especially like the colour and shape of those from METZ, the MAGNUM #2 SADDLE D/O GRIZZLY.

So I made some flies with this stuff first. They are tied on a Gamakatsu F 314, size 2/0, and are about 14-16 cm long.

- first I tied in some yellow Polar Flash
- then one grizzly yellow saddle hackle on each side
- yellow bucktail around the hook shank (keep it short, for the action of the fly)
- three grizzly yellow saddle hackles (one on each side, and one on top)
- silver fox (or black artic fox) in a dubbing loop
- yellow artic fox in a dubbing loop
- sequins and epoxy


the same way in pink

and chartreuse

1 comment:

Djuza said...

Have said it before but will say it again:your flies looks relly fantastic,also admiring your inspiration with your tying.I+m still so schoked about this weather I havent got over it yet :)

Just bought a microbarb saddle so maybe I will soon take a seat behind the vice and start work the winter away.