Friday, 31 December 2010

What a great way to end the year

It’s always good to fish with somebody who knows the water, and Koen turned out to be a fantastic guide again. He knows these polder waters like he was born among the pike who inhabit them. There wasn’t much fish to catch though. We both had some followers and some bites but we couldn’t hook any fish…

Until Koen caught this beauty on one of the last casts of the day.

I had a fantastic time today (thanks again Koen)!


And to all followers and visitors of this blog:

Have a great party tonight,
and I wish you all a happy new-year! 


Ulf Hagström said...

Happy new Year Stefaan! It looks like you finished the year in the perfect way!

Djuza said...

Happy new year Steefan.
What a way to end 2010.Must have been a nice time.
I´m a little bit envious :).

Still have to wait a couple of months before I can go fishing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stefaan,

I really enjoyed it yesterday.
Thanks for the great pictures!! I hope I can take lots of those from your catches in 2011.

Best regards,

Koen Vandendriessche