Thursday, 25 November 2010


Exactly two weeks ago, today, I have started this blog, and I had no idea what would become of it (and I still don’t). But a couple of minutes ago, I looked at my statistics, and saw the magic number of 1000 HITS. This is far beyond any of my expectations! But it does feel good though, very good! And it stimulates me a lot to keep going.

So thank you all, for the interest,
and all the kind words I have received!

(I’ve got the feeling that the name of my blog is totally wrong.)


hendrik said...


OP naar de volgende 1000. Kwaliteit wordt beloond, dit door je klaar en duidelijke uitleg en illustrering van je onderwerpen. Niet alleen dat maar ook de humor ontbreekt niet.
Doe zo verder.


dave lindsay said...

great blog and always an interesting read have put a link to it on the pike fly fishing associations forum keep up the good work

Djuza said...

Also agree with Dave,Great and intresting blog.
Keep on rocking :)