Sunday, 21 November 2010


I went fishing today with Koen and Dimitri. Koen and I fly-fished from the side, while Dimitri used his bellyboat to fish all kinds of lures.
I was secretly hoping to convince Dimitri to start with fly-fishing, by catching more than he did, but some God must have known my intentions, because none of us caught any fish!
We tried everything possible, but didn’t even have a single bite!
Dimitri saw (on his fishfinder), that all the fish were at the bottom (at about 5m deep), with practically no activity at all. So he tried vertical jigging, while Koen and I tried to fish as deep as possible. I even fished with a fast sinking line and a short leader with deer hair headed flies (which float), to fish right above ground, but… nothing!


This is Koen and Dimitri discussing tactics.

I normally don’t like fishing these kind of canals, because half of the fishing for me is enjoying nature, but this one really holds a lot of predators. All three of us already caught some nice fish here.


To prove this and cheer up this article (and myself), these are some ladies I caught earlier this year at the same location.


And tomorrow is another day…

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