Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pike flies

Last week I received some lovely material from a friend for testing!
This is polypropylene fibre, for industrial use. It is very (very!) similar to EP fibre 
(I guess Enrico Puglisi has to get his fibres somewhere as well).

Earlier, I was wondering if I should tie this next pattern with or without the epoxy head.
Well I actually like the action on both, so from now on, I will be tying them in couples.


Here’s a yellow/orange variation.


And a perch pattern.

Now to prove that this pattern, tied with this material works very well, here is some pike porn from two great fishing buddies who already fished it!


This is Kristof, with a dark beauty, caught on the latest club session in Holland.


And this is pike-master Koen himself, with a very nice lady!


He got less lucky with his fingers though!

You can tie this pattern with any kind of synthetic fibre. Just make sure that the fibre is not to stiff. The use of Vampire Plush around the hook shank also makes it unnecessary to use lots of material to have a nice bulky profile!

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