Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pike flies

A few weeks back, I was fooling around with the Lefty’s deceiver pattern, which I changed, and changed, and changed again until I got to this pattern which I liked instantly.
I usually don’t like tying the same pattern over and over in a row, but this one was so much fun, that I tied a box full of them.

They are not to big, about 13 cm, and tied on a Gamakatsu F 314, size 2/0.

- I started off with some Chinese cock hackle (3 on both sides of the hook shank).
- then 3 strands of Krystal Flash on both sides.
- some goat hair on the top.
- buck tail around the hook shank.
- two different colours of artic fox in a loop (or crosscut bunny, depending on what colours I needed and had in storage, but always artic fox in the first loop to keep it bulky when retrieving the fly).
-some epoxy eyes, put together with some UV clear fly finish for the head.

These ones, I’ve also put in some grizzly schlappen-feathers.

They cast like nothing, and swim like hell!

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dave lindsay said...

great site and lovley flies