Friday, 12 November 2010

Tying by candlelight

A couple of days ago, at around 9 PM in the evening, POF, no more electricity! So what do you do when you are all alone in the dark? Well… you tie flies by candlelight! It was a completely new experience, but I liked it very much, and hey, it worked!

Maybe it’s because of the dark, but I tried a colour combination that I had never tried before.

This fly was tied on a Gamakatsu LS-5314N size 6/0.
- I started off with some white buck tail around the hook shank.
- white ostrich on top of that.
- light blue flashabou on top.
- white ostrich on top.
- blue ostrich on top.
- then in front of all this white buck tail on the bottom of the hook shank.
- blue buck tail on top of the hook shank.
- white ostrich on the sides and on top of the hook shank.
- blue ostrich on top.
- and some peacock on top of that.
- then pink artic fox in a loop.
- and the head is a combination of blue and pink deerhair.
- some red epoxy eyes.

This fly already hit the water,
and the action is fantastic!

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