Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas stuff

As the snow was falling on the window behind my tying table, I figured it was time to use some more stuff from Santa’s fly-shop (the supermarket, I mean).


This silver tinsel is great material.
You can use this on any kind of fly as some glitter, but you can use it pure as well, because it gives fantastic movement in the water.


This fly is tied the same way again as the previous ones (tie in a tale, then a brass wire dubbing brush, and then make a head). The possibilities of this pattern are endless.
It is tied again on a Gamakatsu F314, size 2/0, and is about 14 cm.
You can increase the action of this material by tying in some lead wire in the head.

This is his bigger brother (about 20cm), tied on a Gamakatsu Worm 36, size 6/0.

I added an Artic Fox collar (in a dubbing loop) on this one (actually I made my silver dubbing brush to short, so I had to come up with something).

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