Saturday, 20 November 2010

No pike

As I arrived at my home water today (five minute drive), I spotted a carp fisherman. So I went over there to say hello, and ask him where his lines were (because you never now with these guys, they can be fishing right in front of them, but also a hundred meters to the left or right).


The moment we looked at each other, bip-bip-bip… and he hooked this really beautiful carp.

“Well,” he said, “you should really stick around here man, this is my first bite since I arrived here this morning, so you definitely mean good luck!”

This might have been the case for him, but he didn’t bring me any luck at all!
I’ve fished for five hours straight, with all kinds of flies, all kinds of retrieves, floating and sinking lines, and the only pike I saw was about 35 cm long. He followed my fly for a few seconds and then turned around.


That was my fishing day, but I did get to test the latest flies I tied (all good!), and it was a beautiful day to be outdoors!

Tomorrow I will try another water with two fishing buddies, so hopefully…

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