Thursday, 11 November 2010

in honour of

The first flies I want to put on my site are to honour two gentlemen who where a real inspiration to me the last year and I still visit their sites daily. I also know they wont like to see each others name mentioned  together, but I really don’t care. 

First is Dave Lindsay (he was the first one I came across on the internet), you can visit his site on . This is my version of a subbug (I don’t like tying flies entirely the same as others). These are about 17cm long and have a double bunny zonker tail, so you need at least a 9# to cast them because they get really heavy when wet but the action in the water is fantastic!

And then there is Simon Graham, you can visit his site on This is not a fly you will see on his site but the building up of the materials is entirely his. I just finished the fly with a deer hair head, because I use a heavy hook (2,2 grams), and the deer hair makes it drop slower so I can fish it slower as well. When you stop retrieving, this fly has a live on it’s own.

These two guys gave me a fantastic year in both fly-tying and fishing!

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