Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pike flies

Last night in bed, I had this idea for a fly (yes I am addicted, I admit).
So obviously, I had to try it, first thing this morning, and I must say, I am very pleased with the result.

I am not used to give names to my flies, but now, people are asking for it!
So I will call this one “The lonesome Bunny”.

It’s a bit difficult to explain how I tied this fly, so here, I tried to do a “step by step” (click on any picture for a larger view).

This fly is about 16 cm long and tied on a Gamakatsu LS-5314N, size 8/0 (don’t let this number scare you, it’s only 5 cm long).

First you put your thread on the hook (I like using strong cotton on this size of flies).


Tie in your flashabou.
The excess, you pull over and spread around the hook shank and tie it in.

Tie in this “Christmas tree” (this is the same kind of flashabou, which I twisted in a brass-wire).
Make sure, you keep a piece of plain brass for the next step.

Measure the length you want of the rabbit strip.
At that point you split the fur (a little saliva helps a lot), and tie it in with the brass-wire.
You now hold the rabbit strip back and wind the rest of the wire (with the flashabou) forward. Make sure to pull the flashabou backwards with each wrap. Tie the wire in at the end and cut off the excess.

 I am sorry, I don’t have a picture of this (you really need both hands to do this step).


Now you pull all the flashabou downwards, pull the rabbit strip over it, tie it in and cut of the excess.
You then should have something that looks like this.


Tie in some artic fox around the bottom of the hook shank.


Glue on some eyes, and then you only need to epoxy the head.

If everything worked out well, this should be the result.

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Djuza said...

Very nice tutorial and a good looking fly.

Thank´s for sharing.

-Piketeaser Djuza-