Friday, 12 November 2010

Pike flies

So, enough about other people, let’s get down to what this site is really about.
This is a baitfish pattern I tied last night. It’s a pattern a got from Koen Vandendriessche (thanks mate), which I changed a little bit (as I have already mentioned, I don’t like tying flies exactly the same as other people do).
It’s about 13 cm long and tied on a Gamakatsu F 314, size 2/0. I started off with some red Vampire Plush around the hook shank, then white and grey synthetic fibre (don’t ask me the name, because I honestly don’t know, they where a gift), and some spectra flash hair on the sides. It looks very bulky, but I really used very little material. Normally the head needs some epoxy, which I will probably add later, but first I would like to see its movement in the water like this. I will be tying more of these in other colours, so check them out later. 

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